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John Woolley Heap was my maternal 3x great grandfather. Born in Hollingsworth, Cheshire England about 1833 to Henery Heap and Eliza Woolley.

On the 1841 UK Census for Ashton under lyne, Lancashire, England ( see: Henry Heap ) we found John at 9 years of age with his parents and two brothers; Robert (10) and Edward (6 mos.) along with possibly a uncle Edward Heap at 52 Rassbottom St.

In the 1851 UK Census the family is still at 52 Rossbottom St.  John W. is now 18 and listed as the licenced Victualis’s son. Also in the household besides Henry and his wife Eliza is Mary Heap, Henry’s sister, and his mother, Mally ( see: Henry Heap ) .

In 1857 John Woolley Heap marries Richmal Hall.

Marriage certificate John Woolley Heap Richmal Hall July 23 1857

Marriage certificate
John Woolley Heap
Richmal Hall
July 23 1857

This document shows Johns father as Henry Heap and the listed occupation is Brewer from Staley. Richmals father is Samuel Hall and he is listed as a moulder, one who cast iron moulds from Ashton. It looks like the actual signatures are shown here for John and Richmal.


Charles Robert Heap baptism Staleybridge, Cheshire

Charles Robert Heap baptism
Staleybridge, Cheshire

In the Parish records for St. Paul Parrish, Staeybridge, Cheshire, England we find the baptismal record for Charles Robert Heap dated July 15, 1860. His parents are listed as John Woolley Heap and Richmal . John is listed as an Inn Keeper.

So in the 1861 UK Census we find that John Woolley and Richmal are living in Staley at the Hare and Hound which may be on Mottram Rd where John is the Inn Keeper. The previous and next pages from this census show the residences are on Mottram Rd. The ones around the Hare and Hound show Boyer Fold (Bower Fold).

1861 UK Census Staley, Ceshire, England

1861 UK Census
Staley, Cheshire, England

So I did a little sleuthing on the internet this morning and found the following photo.


Hare and Hound Staleybridge, Cheshire photo by Arran Hamilton Summerhill

Hare and Hounds
Staleybridge, Cheshire
photo by Arran Hamilton Summerhill

Could this be their place in 1861? I found this on the internet. It is very close to the Bowerfold Football Stadium. If you click on the photo below you will see the football stadium on the right  The present day Hare and Hounds is circled in red and down and to the left is also a street called Heaps Farm Ct.. When we visited this area back in 2001, I did not have the luxury of Google Earth and so much information from the internet that is now available. We did find Heaps Farm ( see: Henry Heap ) not sure if this is the same one. Maybe next time we can check this area a little closer.

Google Earth Map

Google Earth Map

On the Census above we saw John W. Heap (28) Inn Keeper born in Cheshire, Hollingsworth, His wife Richmal (25) Shown born in Cheshire, Newton, Mary W. (2) born in Mortley and Charles R. born in Staley. Also in the household is a house servant, Kate Ellis.

In the Parish records for Staley in Cheshire, dated April 13 1862, we find the baptism for Samuel Henry Heap, son of John Woolley and Richmal Heap of Staley who are Inn Keepers .

Samuel Henry Heap baptism  St. Paul, Staley, Cheshire

Samuel Henry Heap
St. Paul, Staley, Cheshire

Looking at the marriage record above for John and Richmal we see that Samuel was Richmal’s father and Henry was John’s father. Looking at the census below Samuel is not listed. It is assumed that he did not survive childhood.

1871 UK Census Logandale Cheshire England

1871 UK Census
Logandale Cheshire England

In the 1871 UK Census we find the John Wooley Heap family in Southport, Lancashire on King Street at New Standhill Cottages. This is a move of about 40 miles from East of Manchester to the West, on the ocean. John Woolley Heap (38) listed as a Lodging House Keeper born in Cheshire, Mottram in Logdendale. His wife Richmal (35) Born in Cheshire, Newton. Their daughter Mary Woolley Heap (12) is listed as scholar born in Cheshire, Matley. Charles Robert (10), scholar  born Cheshire, Staleybridge. The latest child is Herbert Reynold Heap (3) born in Lancashire, Southport. The others in the house, on the day the census was taken, are boarders they include a Lady, a florist and a domestic servant.

In the 1881 UK Census we find John Woolley Heap (48) listed as a visitor in the home of his parents, Henry and Eliz. Heap, in Matley , Ashton under lyne, Cheshire, England. Richmal Heap is found in Southport.

1881 UK Census Southport, Lancashire, England

1881 UK Census
Southport, Lancashire, England


From this census we see Richmal Heap (45) Married, a lodger, living at 29 King Street, occupation is housekeeper. Also listed as Lodgers are Charles R. Heap (20) unmarried, occupation  is listed as a plumber, Herbert R. (13) listed as a scholar and Ernest (6) also a scholar. Both Herbert and Ernest are shown as born in Southport. Mary W. is not listed for she died 26 May 1873 at 15 years of age per the Southport Christ Church Parish records.

On 16 July 1888 Richmal Heap died.

England and Wales National Probate Calendar Index

England and Wales National Probate Calendar Index

From this we see that John is living at 32 Adelaide Street in Southport, Lancaster, England where he is a Lodging House Keeper.

All this information and I have lost John Woolley Heap. I can not find him in the 1891 UK Census in Southport. There is another family at 29 King Street in the 1891 census and I am unable to locate Adelaide Street in Southport. If any one can find this location I would appreciate the help. John may have died by the 1891 Census, but while I found Richmal Heaps probate notice I can find nothing for John Woolley Heap. He has left me hanging.


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  1. Well thanks to the response from a distant cousin I see why I lost John Woolley Heap. I was looking for him in England, but he had moved to Staten Island in New York and was found on an admittance record to an Almshouse in Richmond, New York, dated 1902. We know it is our John because his son Charles R. Heap, plumber, is listed on the admittance ticket.He (John) died about a year later in Richmond. Thank you “cousin Mike”.


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