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Schneider Family route  Brandenburg, Salzwedel to Kratzke, Saratov, Russia

Schneider Family route
Brandenburg, Salzwedel to Kratzke, Saratov, Russia            (click on image to enlarge)

This week I have spent some time reviewing the information on my husbands family that emigrated from the German colonies along the Volga river in Russia. Due to traveling I have fallen behind in my blogging with Amy Johnson Crows themes – 52 Ancestors.
Last December during my research trip to Salt Lake City. I collected the information from three different census that occurred in the Saratov region of Russia the Bender’s and Schneider’s were from.

My husbands grandmother Anna Elizabeth Schneider came to the United States with her father Friedrich and step-mother Katharina , they left their home in Kratzke, District of Saratov, Russia for the United States about February 1899. The Census for 1857 dated 29 November  lists 9 Schneider family groups. Looking for a Friedrich Schneider 8 years old born in  June of 1848. Using the translated census from Brent Mai, Concordia University, Portland Oregon, Copyrighted 2005 by Dynasty Publishing, Beaverton, Oregon. We find Friedrich np (nephew) age 7.

1857 Census Kratzke

1857 Census Kratzke (transcribed)

This is the only Friedrich Schneider in this census.

Georg Friedrich Schneider (33 years of age) is the brother of the head of the household. Katharina Elisabeth (33) is listed as sisl (sister-in-law) to the head of the household.

Since Katharina is listed below Georg Friedrich we can assume that she is his wife. And those below them their children. Which includes Maria Elisabeth (12), Katharina (9), Friedrich and Johann Georg (4). Three more bothers in the Johann Jakob Schneider household are also listed with their families.

Using the two brothers names we look in the 1834 Census for the Schneider family. Again I used the translated census from Brent Mai. What is convenient is that the household # listed  in the 1857 census lists what the household # was in the earlier census. So in the 1834 census we find the household # 18 is the Georg Friedrich Schneider family.


1834 Census Kratske (transcribed)

1834 Census Kratske (transcribed)

Where Georg and Johann’s middle names inadvertently switched. The ages are not quite right according to the 1857 census. But the family names are rather consistent otherwise.

Stepping back to the earlier census taken soon after the colony was settled, there are two (2) Schneider families in this earliest census. the Dewald Schneider (37) w/ wife Anna Maria (28) and son Johann Adam (13). Johann Adam Schneider is found in the 1834 census having died in 1823 and counted in the 1816 census as being 63. That is so close that we can discount Dewald as our colonist. That leaves Nicolaus Schneider (38), Lutheran, coming from Brandenburg, Satzwedel with his wife Maria Katharina son Johann Friedrich (1/2) and stepson Johann Heinrich (4).

This same process can be used to trace other lines from Kratzke.

In reviewing the information on the family from Wilma and John Akers the listing of birth places  are all over the place, but the information states that Friedrich Schneider and Maria Katharina (Schrader) were married in Kratzke Russia in 1871. Therefore I am going with this lineage until I find out otherwise.

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