Putnam/ Dougherty family genealogy

Week 37 – Large Family. Amy Johnson Crow challenges us , “So let’s feature an ancestor who had a large family or who was a member of a large family.”
It has been a while since I have done a story on my husbands line so this weeks blog is on a Kansas farmer with a very large family, that of Nehemiah Thomas Case and his wife Lavina Jane Lucus. They are my husbands 2x great grandparents.

Nemiah Thomas Case Family

Nehemiah Thomas Case Family about 1905

Nehemiah was born 24 June 1836 in Ohio. The first record I have found for Nehemiah is the 1850 US Census Jefferson County Illinois. This shows Nehemiah T. Case, 13 years of age and living with John D. Westcott and Family. I did a quick check to find out what was Westcott’s wife’s maiden name. It was Willis, so no known association there.

1850 US Census Jefferson County Ohio

1850 US Census
Jefferson County

The next time we find Nehemiah in the Civil War records, he enlisted in Company E 1st (State of) Illinois Cavalry. He was mustered in on 8 Aug. 1861 a resident of Hillsboro. His original company served as guards for supply trains and depots. His record indicates that he was captured at Lexington Missouri. To learn more about what happened at Lexington MO visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Battle_of_Lexington

Nehemiah was mustered out of the Cavalry on 14 July 1862 .

In 1866  Nehemiah marries Lavina Jane Lucus in Illinois. Nehemiah was 15 years older then Lavina. Their first child of record was born Charles Wesley(#1) on 24 November 1867 in Nebraska. A daughter Ellen(#2) or Ella was born 18 October 1869 also in Nebraska.  The 1870 US Census shown below listed Nehemiah as Thomas M. Case but Lavina, Charles, and Ellen are a match.

1870 US Census Pawnee County Nebraska

1870 US Census Pawnee County Nebraska

The following year Eva(#3) is born 9 February 1871, followed by George Washington(#4). George being my husbands great grandfather. A son Frances(#5) is born on 10 March 1874 and sadly died 5 months later 16 August 1874. Their next child is a daughter named for her mother, Lavina Jane (#6) born 23 April 1875. Lavina Jane is the last child to be born in Nebraska. The Family has moved to Kansas by 1877 where a son is born and named for his father Nehemiah Thomas(#7). In April of 1880 another daughter Mary Elizabeth(#8) is born.

1880 US Census Elk Creek Township Republic County Kansas

1880 US Census
Elk Creek Township Republic County Kansas

You can see here that Mary Elizabeth is 2 months old on the day the census was taken at Elk Creek township in Kansas.

In February of 1882 Ina(#9) was born, and in January of 1884 a son John W. (#10) joined the family.

In the 1885 Kansas State census the family is located in Highland Township in Washington County Kansas.

1885 Kansas State Census Highland Township Washington County

1885 Kansas State Census Highland Township Washington County

The following January 1886 Lavina gives birth to Benjamin(#11). The first born Charles Wesley is 19 and out on his own.

Lavina continues to have children. Next in line is Arthur E. (#12) born in December of 1888.

In 1889 Nehemiah enrolls as a Civil War Veteran where his residence is listed as Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas.

Kansas Enrollment of Civil War Veterans

Kansas Enrollment of Civil War Veterans

In June of 1891 daughter Hellen(#13) is born. She is shown in the 1900 U.S. Census and as Nellie in the 1895 Kansas State census.

The next child I have a record of is Zelina Dora(#14) born in May of 1893.

The Kansas State Census in 1895  for the N.T. Case family shows only five children at home.

1895 Kansas State Census Victor Osborn County

1895 Kansas State Census
Victor Osborne County

Our next Federal census is 1900 and we see that Lavina has given birth to 16 children and 13 are still living. Lavina was only 48 years old in 1900. They had been married 33 years. Only six children are living at home in this 1900 census, so 7 are out on their own and 3 have died. I am missing two that apparently did not survive childhood long enough to he counted in a census.

Nehemiah dies 18 November 1904 at the age of 68. Considering how many children Lavina gave birth to, it is amazing she lived to the age of 71. Lavina died in 1922.











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