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The post lady brought an exciting surprise today. Nehemiah Thomas Case’s pension file. 89 sheets of applications declarations and affidavits. Now you would have thought that my husband, whose relative Nehemiah is, would have also been excited. About half way through reading some highlights to him, I looked over, only to discover he had fallen asleep. Well I am thrilled! Here is proof for where Nehemiah joined the army, his capture and release, his mustering out, and the birth dates of all his “living children”. A really great packet of information for another Civil War soldier.

Nehemiah T, Case Civil War Pension records received Jan. 5, 2016

Nehemiah T, Case
Civil War Pension records
received Jan. 5, 2016

Here is the information I have been able to extract from the Pension Records.

  • Nehemiah T. Case Died Nov. 18, 1904 at his farm in Victor Township, Osborne County, Kansas
  • Lovina J. Case (Nehmiah’s wife) address 1904 : R.R. #2 Natoma, Kansas
  • Property owned in 1904 was 1/2 interest in 1/2 section of land situated in section 30 Township 9 South Range 14 West with a $500 mortgage that provided an income of $75 in a year.
  • In 1898 Nehemiah lists his “children living” and their dates of birth:

Charles W. November 20, 1867; Ella Oct. 18, 1868; Eva Feb, 9 1871; George W. Oct. 21, 1872; Jennie, April 28, 1875; Nehemiah T, Nov. 24, 1876; Mary E. Mar 20, 1880; Ina, Feb. 24, 1882; John W. Jan 31, 1884; Benjamin F. Jan4, 1886; Arthur Ellsworth, Dec. 13, 1888; Helen F., June 223,1891; Zelina Dora, May 13, 1893

  • Date and place of marriage along with an affidavit from Pawnee county Judge certifying a record for said marriage.

January 28 1867 at Pawnee City, Nebraska by Judge Wm. Alkins  Judge of Probate at his residence.

  • Civil War Pension

1890 = $8/month

1891 = $8/month

1893 = $8/month

1897 = $8/month

1899 = $10/month

1902 = $10/month

1903= $10/month

1904 = $10/month

1905 = $8 plus $2 per child (Nellie F. Case and Zelma D. Case)

1922 = $30/MONTH

  • Nehemiah T. Case Co. E , 1 Reg’t Ill Cav., was enrolled July 7 1861 and M/O July 14 1862 at Benton Barracks Mo with Co,
  • This Co having been captured and paroled at Lexington Mo. Sept 20 /61 the enlisted men were mustered out by order of Gen. Fremont Oct. 11/61 which action was rescinded by xx the War Dept. xx
  • Pris of War records show him Captured and paroled at Lexington, Mo. Sept. 20/61
  • From enrollment to M/O he held the rank of pvt.
  • That he had his right arm broken under the following circumstances

about August 1856; he was a driver of a horse power of a threshing machine and his whip was caught or dropped and in trying to pick it up, his arm was caught in arms of the power and crushed. This was on the farm of Wm. R. Edy in Macoupin County Illinois; and the same was received in the due course of his duty as a Driver of said Power.

  • An Affidavit from a Cyrus S. (62) and Mary (50)  Knous of Luray Kansas  stating in 1905

That I have known within named claimant since she became of marriageable age and know of no prior marriage.; had also known soldier and know of no prior marriage; the claimant lived with the soldier to the date of his death, that the claimant has not married since the soldiers death.

  • An Affidavit from a James W.  (71) and Sarah E.  (66) Cunnningham of Liberty, Nebraska stating in 1905

1st That there was no prior marriage of the soldier, Nehemiah T. Case –

2nd That there was no prior marriage of the claimant, Lovina Case;

That we have been and were acquainted with both the soldier Nehemiah T. Case and claimant Lovina Case since arrived at marriageable age and know above facts to be true.

That we deliver our knowledge from our intimate acquaintance with the said Nehemiah T. Case and Lovina Case, living in the same vicinity with both Nehemiah T. Case and Lovina Case and have every reason to believe that had either Nehemiah T. Case or Lovina Case been previously married we would have known of it. The said claimant Lovina Case  lived with soldier to the date of his death, and that she has not remarried since the soldiers death.

  • Solders age at enlistment was listed as 20.
  • Solders age in 1891 listed as 54, ht. 5′-7″, weight 130 pounds.
  • Solders age in 1893 listed as 57, ht. 5′-6 1/2″, weight 120 pounds.
  • Solders age in 1897 listed as 61, ht. 5′-6″, weight 121 pounds.
  • Solders age in 1902 listed as 66, ht. 5′-6″, weight 118 pounds, complexion light color of eyes grey, color of hair grey occupation farmer.

And there you have it. I am truly thrilled for it gives evidence of  much of the details about Nehemiah Thomas Case.





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