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The Ferguson Line #5

Oops, I’m still behind. May was to have been my maternal Ferguson line. It is halfway thru June and I have done absolutely nothing on the Ferguson binder. I think I am caught up with work and do not have to do anymore traveling, so hopefully I can get back on track.
The Ferguson line first appears when Margaret Helen Ferguson married John Lyle Dougherty (10 Feb. 1868)¹, making her, my great grandmother on my mother’s side.

Margaret Helen Ferguson

Margaret Helen’s father, Joseph, had immigrated from Ireland. Shortly after arriving (1848)² he married Mary Agnes Hall (1849)³ .
Joseph was the son of David Ferguson supposedly a Dublin physician. It has been very frustrating not being able to “jump the pond” when I have so much information on Joseph in this country. At various times prior to the Civil war, Joseph and his wife Mary Agnes had what I presumed were family members living with them who had recently immigrated from Ireland. First Ellen Ferguson (in the 1850 US Census for Forestburg N.Y.) and then a David Ferguson (in the 1855 NY state census for Forestburg N.Y.) Joseph and Mary Agnes also had a son David William who could have been named for the grandfather or the uncle. In that 1855 census the both Joseph and David have been residents of the town for 7 years. They therefore may have come over on the same ship, I have tried looking for a Joseph, traveling with a David and also threw in Ellen. Nothing yet. You would think with the Fergusons being from Ireland instead of Scotland they would be easier to find.

Joseph and Mary Agnes had two daughters and three sons. Margaret Helen, Maryetta, David W., Charles T., and Edwin H.

Maryetta was married  and was a private nurse. I have her married name but have not discovered who her husband was or where she was from 1866- 1900. She then appears in the 1900 US federal census as a widow living with her mother in Manhattan, NY. She apparently had no children and died in 1922 at 69 years of age.

I found where their son David was married in New York to Mary Coleman in 1892, but then I lost track of him.

Joseph’s son, Charles was a mailman in Leavenworth Kansas. He and his wife Rose appear to have had 10 children. Charles died in San Antonio on Christmas day 1934 at 75 years.

Their son Edwin operated a family hotel at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 125th Street in New York City.

The Corner Seventh Ave. & 125 th St NYC
Google Earth

It does not appear to be there anymore. The other two corners have more recent buildings.

My “to do” list includes filling in the gaps for Maryetta and David W. and to continue searching for Joseph’s arrival in America and determining who his parents were. If any Fergusons out there are further along in the quest of locating the parents in Ireland I would love to hear from you. Or even if you are still looking let me know by leaving a comment here. I love hearing from you.

Now on to the Fletcher Family Line.


¹Copy of original Marriage certificate.

² Transcript “New York Historic Homes and Family History”, vol. 4 pg.221, Pelletreau, William S. Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Family History of New York. Vol. I-IV. New York, USA: Lewis Publishing, 1907. Ancestry.com

³ 1850 US Federal Census, Forestburgh, Sullivan County, New York, Roll: M432_603; Page: 179B; Image: 366. Ancestry.com


52 Ancestors~Charles T. Ferguson- Mailman

clan Ferguson

This weeks challenge on 52 Ancestors was ” Plowing through”.  Since 50% of my ancestors are farmers there are too many choices. So instead of taking the obvious, I go a different direction. Those who know me may realize when taking on a project I rarely chose a simple one. I often take on more then I might be prepared for yet I will persist and persevere until complete. Genealogy has been typical of one of those projects. Writing this blog is another. Within my genealogy project I have some of those brick walls that I continue to bang my head against. One of those brick walls relates to this weeks choice, Charles T. Ferguson.  Charles is one that some would call a collateral relative as opposed to a direct ancestor. The direct ancestor is Margaret Helen (Ferguson) Dougherty (my great grandmother) and her brother would be a collateral.

I started looking at Charles because his mother (my 2x great grandmother) was listed in some places as Mary Agnes Lambert and in other places as Mary A. Hall. He was not the only sibling of Margaret Helen I was pursing, he is just the one I have chosen to tell this tale.

Charles T. Ferguson was born 18 February 1859 in New York State to Joseph A. Ferguson and Mary Lambert or Hall.

1860 US Census Forrestburg, Sullivan County, New York

1860 US Census
Forrestburg, Sullivan County, New York

The  1860 US Census for Forrestburg in Sullivan County, New York shows Charles T. (1 years old) along with his older sisters Margaret H. (10) and Mary E. (8) and brother David W. (3). His father Joseph Ferguson (33) is a Laborer with $200 Real Estate and $100 personal property, born in Ireland. His Mother is Mary A (30) and she is shown as born in New York State.

On the 22 August 1862 Joseph Ferguson joins the union army as a volunteer in the New York 1st Mounted Rifles. To have taken a horse with you to war usually implied that you were fairly well to do.

1870 US Census Scranton, Pennsylvania

1870 US Census
Scranton, Pennsylvania

In the 1870 US Census we find the family without Joseph, living in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Here Mary (40) is keeping house. Not living in the household is Margaret, who would be 20 years old and who has married John Lyle Dougherty in Scranton, and Mary E. who would be 18. In the family is David now 13 years old and working in a store. Charles is 10 and we now have Edwin who is 9. It looks like Mary has taken in three male borders probably to provide for the families expenses.

Charles is not in the 1880  US Census with either his mother or father. We lose him until the 1885 Kansas State Census where we find Charles Ferguson in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Kansas State Census 1885 Leavenworth, Kansas

Kansas State Census 1885
Leavenworth, Kansas


Sometime prior to 1884 Charles T. marries Rosa. Their first child shown here is Agnes born in 1884 in Kansas. presumably Leavenworth.

1900 US Census Leavenworth, Kansas

1900 US Census
Leavenworth, Kansas

There is no 1890 Census so the next census we have for Charles is the 1900 US Census for Leavenworth Kansas . Here we find Charles Ferguson (41), having been married 17 years, which put his marriage to Rosa sometime in 1883.  Charles occupation is listed as a mail carrier. Rosa his wife is shown as 39 and having given birth to 9 children, 7 of which are still living. The children listed are Agnes (#1) born in 1884, Frances (2) born 1886, William(3) born 1889, Gertrude (4) born 1891, Charles(5) born 1893, Gerald (6) born 1895 and Eddy (7) born 1898. I have not found any records for the two that have died.

Kansas State Census 1905 Leavenworth Kansas

Kansas State Census
Leavenworth Kansas

In the 1905 Kansas State Census we find two more children Lucian (#8) born about 1901 and Harold (#9) born about 1904. Chas is now 46 years old and Rosa is 44 and all 9 children are still at home. By the next United States census Frances has moved out. All the other kids are still at home and Charles is 51 and still listed as a mail carrier and their daughter Agnes who is still single at 26 is listed as a Stenographer. William who is now 23 is a clerk and I believe it says grocery. This is a poor quality film. (Remember you can click on the image to enlarge).

1910 US Census Leavenworth Kansas

1910 US Census
Leavenworth Kansas

In the 1920 United States census we find the family still living in Leavenworth in the same home.

1920 US Census Leavenworth Kansas

1920 US Census
Leavenworth Kansas

Charles is listed as 60 years of age and working as a mail carrier. Agnes is still living at home a chief clerk for the National Military Home in Leavenworth. Edward (Edwin) is 22 and a brakeman on a steam railroad. Lucian and Harold are also at home being 19 and 15 respectively.

In the 1930 census we find that Agnes is listed as head of household at the same address in Leavenworth, where the real estate value is listed as $3500. Charles relationship to head of household is father, and now has none  listed under occupation. Lets hope he retired from the Post Office with some sort of pension. Rose A. is listed as Mother and there is also Charles 14  and Omer N. 13 both listed as nephew, which we learned are Charles Jr’s. two children from his marriage to Marion. Not sure where Charles Jr. and Marion are during this census. I do know that Charles Jr. was in the Army. The kids may just be visiting with grandma and grandpa Ferguson.

1930 US Census Leavenworth Kansas

1930 US Census
Leavenworth Kansas

Charles T. Ferguson dies in San Antonio, Texas of a Coronary Occlusion on Christmas day 1934 probably visiting, form Leavenworth Kansas, family for the holidays. I had sent for Charles death certificate to see what his mothers maiden name was listed as. When I received it I did not find a name for either of his parents, The certificate listed “no record”. But I did find that the informant was an F.J. Ferguson who was living on Dawson St. in San Antonio, Texas, with this information I was able to add what happened to Charles and  Rosa’s son Frances to my collator relative information.

Death Certificate  Charles Ferguson Dec. 25, 1934

Death Certificate
Charles Ferguson
Dec. 25, 1934

I am really glad I took this side track and learned so much about Charles and his large family and I know there are lots more cousins out there in Kansas and Texas and places yet to be discovered. And Madeleine, I do not think we will ever finish this project but who cares the persistence has brought me great joy.


52 Ancestors ~ #32 Mary Agnes Lambert or was it Hall


My 2x great maternal grandmother lived with my great grandparents that last year until her death on 15 December 1910. She is buried in the Moravian Cemetery in the Dougherty family plot on Staten Island New York. So who was Mary Agnes (Lambert) Ferguson? Mary Agnes was the mother of Margaret Helen (Ferguson) Dougherty. Her death certificate from the City of New York I obtained back in the early 1990’s. (Click on image to enlarge)

Mary A. Ferguson Death Certificate 15 December 1910

Mary A. Ferguson
Death Certificate
15 December 1910


Mary A. Ferguson Death Certificate 15 December 1910 pg.2

Mary A. Ferguson
Death Certificate
15 December 1910

It showed her fathers name as ‘Lambert’ (no first name) his birthplace ‘U.S.’, and her mother as ‘Ester Hall’ her birthplace ‘U.S.’ Mary Agnes is listed being ‘80′ years of age, a ‘widow’, under occupation it lists ‘Lady‘, and her birthplace is simply ‘U.S’. This certificate does not list who the informant was so it is difficult to ascertain the reliability of the information listed. Back then I took this sort of information at face value. but now I have more information from census records (also not always accurate) and her daughters death certificate.

The first census of the United States of America that listed all family members, is the 1850 Census, earlier US census only listed by name head of household. Here we see that ‘Mary A. Furguson’ is ‘2o’ years old, place of birth ‘New York’. Her husband is ‘Joseph Furguson’ (23), listed as a ‘laborer’ place of birth ‘Ireland’.

1850 US Census Forestburgh, New York

1850 US Census Forestburgh, New York

In this census we see Margaret H. Furguson (1) and an Ellen Furguson (25) whose place of birth is shown as Ireland. Ellen may be a sister to Joseph. So we can assume that Margaret’s birth year is about 1849. Her actual birth date is found on her death certificate to be 18 April 1850. So she is actually only 4 months old?

In the 1855 New York State Census we learn a little more about Mary Agnes.

1855 New York State Census

1855 New York State Census


Here we see ‘Mary A. Ferguson’ (24) born in ‘Orange’ county New York, having resided in this town (Forestburgh) for ‘6’ years. ‘Margaret H.’  is now ‘5′ years old. Mary’s husband Joseph is shown living in Forestburgh for 7 or 9 years, which helps indicate when he came to this country considering that his brother ‘David Ferguson’ (25), shown here in this census has been in the city for 7 years. David should therefore be in the 1850 US census in Forestburgh somewhere since he was not in Joseph’s household on the night of the census. Also from this census we see Joseph and Mary have another child ‘Mariett’ who is 3 years old.

Nothing new for Mary A. was discovered in the 1860 except the addition of two sons, David W. ( 3) and Charles T. (1)

In the 1870 US Census I find ‘Mary Ferguson’ (40) as head of household in Scranton Pennsylvania. Margaret H. would now be 20+ and Marietta would be 18. Neither are in this household. We do find David (13), Charles (11) and  Edwin (9). Mary A. has three boarders that are living in her house. Between 1860 and 1870 was the civil war for which her husband Joseph Ferguson joined the New York’s 1st Mounted Rifles. See my earlier blog Joseph A. Ferguson Civil War Pension for Josephs story. It appears that Joseph has not returned from the war to his family. Yet we know from letters that Joseph kept in touch with his daughter Margaret Helen after the war from Michigan.  Margaret had married John Lyle Dougherty in 1868. Where is Marietta?

For the 1880 US Census we have no record for Mary Agnes.  So we do not find her until 1900 US Census in New York . This may or may not be our Mary Agnes. There are a lot of things that are wrong.

1900 US Census  Manhattan Borough New York, New York

1900 US Census
Manhattan Borough
New York, New York

First off we see Mary  A. Ferguson was born in 1830, that is correct. We have no source for the exact date and this record shows July. Next she is shown as born in New York, that is consistent with all other records. What is not consistent is that this record has both parents born in Ireland. Other records show New York. Mary A. is shown as a widow but her husband does not die until 1905. But many women who were divorced listed their marital status as widowed. This census also asked ‘mother of how many children’ , what is shown here looks like 3 with 1 still living. Actually Mary Agnes had 5 children and I have accounted for 4 still living in 1900.

When we look at the record for her daughter Etta M. Ferguson the first thing we note is that  her name is off. Marietta was also known as Etta, Ettie, and Mary Etta. She was born 11 May 1852 this record indicates born in May and being 48 years old which while the year does not look like 1852 the age would be consistent for 1852.  Also consistent with our Marietta is that she was born in New York, her father was born in Ireland and her mother was born in New York. In 1900 Etta is shown as a widow. If it is our Marietta her last name should be Anneman. We have no record of when she married and when her husband dies. Under ‘mother of how many children’ we see a ‘0‘ and for still living a ‘0‘.

1910 US Census Richmond Borough New York, New York

1910 US Census
Richmond Borough
New York, New York

Here is the 1910 US Census. (Click on to enlarge). Taken in April of 1910. Ferguson, Agnes (78) is living with her married daughter Margaret H. Dougherty. Agnes is listed as a widow which is now true in the sense that her ‘ex’ husband has now died. It also shows ‘mother of how many children’  5  ,  with 4 still living. So we know now that either her son David W. Ferguson or Edwin H. Ferguson has died prior to 1910. If we knew what the number was in the 1910 census we would know if it was David or Edwin. So I have to keep looking for both. Also for reference back to the 1900 census we noticed that Anneman, Ettie (58) is listed as ‘sister- in- law’ to head of household and a widow. Under ‘mother of how many children’  1 ,  with 0 still living.

From the death certificate above we know that Mary Agnes died on 15 December 8 months later. Now you are asking why was I confused about Mary Agnes’s maiden name? Well on Margaret Helen (Ferguson) Dougherty death certificate where the Mothers name is written we find Mary A. Wall. True that is not Hall nor is it Lambert, but this is a typed death certificate transcribed from the records of Death reported to the Department of the City of New York. I believe the “w” is a transcribing error. Again we do not have listed who gave the information for the death record.

I’m thinking I need to order Marietta Anneman’s death certificate and Charles T. Ferguson’s since I know where and when they died. This might add or solve the confusion on Mary Agnes’s maiden name.







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