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52 Ancestors – School Days- Mrs. Putnam

Mrs. Putnam 1957-58

Mrs. Putnam


School Days, School Days
Dear olde golden rule days,
Reading and writing and arithmetic
taught to the tune of a hickory stick.

I have had that tune in my head for the last three days. Hopefully by passing it on to you I have ridden my self of that limerick. As you can see this weeks challenge was School Days. Most schools in my area started back this week. “Back in my day” we generally did not start school until after Labor day. Today some start as early as the middle of August. You would think that Arizona would wait until the last possible moment to begin what with the lack of snow days, but no they are one of the early ones to start. I digress this is an Ancestry blog.

My mother was Mrs. Putnam. She began substitute teaching about 1944. At Carrie Barnett school in Visalia California she taught a variety of classes from first grade to eighth grade. In 1952 she began teaching full time as a fourth grade teacher at Carrie Barnett. (Remember to click on photo’s to enlarge.)

Teaching Certificate California State Board of Education 1943 & 1952

Teaching Certificate
California State Board of Education
1943 & 1952

Carrie Barnett School Mrs. Putnam 4th Grade October 21 , 1952

Carrie Barnett School
Mrs. Putnam
4th Grade
October 21 , 1952 & October 6, 1953

Mom started at Mother Lode School in the Diamond Springs Area in 1956.  Once she was hired at Mother Lode School she taught 5th grade and sometimes P.E. (Physical Education).

School Directory of El Dorado County Schools pg 8 & 9

School Directory of
El Dorado County Schools
pg 8 & 9

Mother Lode School Mrs. Putnam Grade 5 March 21, 1957

Mother Lode School
Mrs. Putnam
Grade 5
March 21, 1957

Mom kept all the class pictures. Many students remembered her in later years and continued to send her their school photo and High School graduation invitation, which she kept.

In 1960 Dorothy Ada Putnam was issued a lifetime teachers certificate shown below as a Life Diploma.

Teacher Ceriticates 3

In 1962 through 1964 the class photo’s are designated as Marshal Lode School.

Marshall Lode School 1963-1964

Marshall Lode School 1963-1964

In 1964 due to physical & health reasons my mother had to take a leave of absence. She did so with a heavy heart. Later that fall she was given tenure.

Mother Lode Union School District Letter of Tenure Mrs. Dorothy Putnam

Mother Lode Union School District
Letter of Tenure
Mrs. Dorothy Putnam


For the school year 1968 & 1969 she has only the staff photo for Herbert C. Green School. That was most likely her last year teaching. From about 1966 until she retired she was on crutches and mostly did team teaching at Charles F. Brown. and/or Herbert C. Green, she also tutored. After retiring she continued to tutor from her home.


52 Ancestors – Wedding of Dorothy and LLoyd

This weeks challenge theme was “Wedding”. My parents were married on May 22 1937 in Davis California. They constantly had this ongoing difference of opinion about their wedding date. One would swear it was the 21st and the other knew it was the 22 of May. Here is the actual license as recorded by the county of Yolo.

Marriage License Lloyd Fletcher Putnam and Dorothy Ada DOugherty

Marriage License
Lloyd Fletcher Putnam and Dorothy Ada Dougherty

The wedding took place at the home of the parents of the bride.

Dorothy Ada Dougherty and Lloyd Fletcher Putnam May 22, 1937

Dorothy Ada Dougherty and Lloyd Fletcher Putnam
May 22, 1937

When my sister married on 16 May 1987 (50 years later). She had Moms wedding gown redesigned for her.

16 May1987

16 May 1987

52 Ancestors # 23 Robert Edwin Dougherty – I Wish I Had Known You

I hope I can call you Uncle Bob, it’s what my brother and sister referred to you as but I was only 2 when you died so all I ever had where stories and your photos.

Robert Edwin Dougherty

Robert Edwin Dougherty (1936)

Grandma Dougherty was obsessed with keeping in contact with you after you died. What I remembered is sitting in the living room at grandma’s watching Mrs. Jacobson and grandma Dougherty working the Ouija board. Okay maybe you were not there and it was all just their overwhelming desire manifesting itself in the movement of the Ouija. But tell me, was it my imagination when I felt some one put their arm around my shoulders, and when I turned expecting to see grandpa, there was no one there!
Your life had started on March 5, 1917. The second child for professor J.E. Dougherty and Ada Richmal (Heap). Your sister (Dorothy) was so excited to have a baby brother.

J.E. Dougherty, Dorothy Ada, Robert Edwin, and Ada (Heap) Dougherty

J.E. Dougherty, Dorothy Ada, Robert Edwin, and Ada (Heap) Dougherty

She always spoke of you with such love and pride. You attended school in Davis. Growing up as the son of Professor Dougherty. Mom talked of the dinner table as being a word challenge. I imagine your vocabulary was as extensive as hers from the tutelage in words during the dinner meals.

Was it you or your younger brother Walt that broke their arm jumping off the barn with an umbrella as a parachute. Such a great story, Mom said that the three of you were ready to fly. Was the first one off the one who broke their arm, I sort of forgotten, and now, Mom and Uncle Walt are gone too, so no one to ask. In spite of your adventures you survived childhood and grew up to marry the lovely Emily Hislop from Woodland on March 25, 1937.

Emily Hislop

Emily Hislop

You worked on your fathers poultry ranch.


Dougherty House  circ. 1950

Dougherty House circ. 1950


I know he must have been tough to work for. Even as a child I knew what was expected from grandpa and I really tried to be good there. When he wasn’t happy with something you did you had to “face the music”, often at the dining room table. Being his son, probably was worse.
So you were married and living on the ranch. Oct 2, 1937 saw the birth of your first child. In Jan 1941 your second son was born.

Robert , sister Dorothy, and Emily with baby Ronald

Robert , sister Dorothy, and Emily with baby Ronald

Then the United States became involved in World War II.
You wanted to go, you and your father argued about your enlisting. Did you enlist first then tell him you were going? However you left the ranch and joined the Army on June 5, 1943.

Your younger brother had enlisted the summer before.

Oh you both  looked so dashing in your uniforms.

Robert and Walter Dougherty

Robert and Walter Dougherty


Your training  put you into the army engineers. You spent time in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Your sister believed that you were at the “Battle of the Bulge”, you never spoke about it.

Bastone "Battle of the Bulge" monument  1969

Bastone “Battle of the Bulge” monument

From this press clipping it looks like your unit also spent time in the Pacific Theatre.

WWII press clipping

WWII press clipping

The war ended and you were discharged in 1945. It was back to the Ranch for you but you were never the same. You had quite a struggle with Hodgkin disease. You were in Presidio of San Francisco Letterman Hospital  ( http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/wwIIbayarea/pre.htm) about a year.

Presidio of San Francisco Letterman Hospital

Presidio of San Francisco
Letterman Hospital Photo by City Birds.com

You died there Feb. 20, 1949. I am so sorry you died so young. I know you would have been proud of your children.


52 Ancestors #12 – Lloyd (Swede) Fletcher Putnam



Lloyd F. Putnam circ. 1930

Lloyd F. Putnam
circ. 1930

With one of the local communities celebrating “Viking Fest” this weekend, my mind started thinking about my dad and his nick name, Swede. I thought since my Dad and his sister were always the toeheaded children that the nickname might have some basis in fact. As so often happens for me ……… wrong!

Lloyd F. Putnam

Lloyd F. Putnam

Eunice & LLoyd

Eunice & Lloyd


Ira, Etta, Lloyd & Eunice

Ira, Etta,
Lloyd & Eunice Putnam


So this is my dad. Lloyd Fletcher Putnam  Born to Ira (Ike) Blossom Putnam and Etta (Gay) Jane (nee Francis) on May 3 1912 in Los Angeles, California. His sister Gertrude (Babe) Eunice was born two years later on Feb. 20, 1914. Lloyd and Eunice grew up on a ranch/farm outside of Visalia, California.

They all had nicknames, heck even the cows had names. The milk cow was always called Blossom. My older brother and sister had nicknames.

I guess by the time they got to the last two kids they ran out of ideas. We were just who we were, Madeleine and Ada.

Well back to Dad, this was about Dad.

After graduating from high school his family sent him up to the state Ag School in Davis. Where he spent two years and met his future wife Dorothy Ada Dougherty. They were married on May 21, 1937.

During World War II Lloyd tried enlisting in the service but was turned down as 4F. This was due to an accident when he was a teenager. He had a broken arm that had not been set properly. It had never effected his playing sports or hunting but when he turned his hand over his lower arm did not rotate properly. Unable to enlist in the Army he worked in the states as a civilian heavy equipment operator, working on the construction of airports. I do not think he ever worked on the Ranch again. After the war he spent a couple of years (1952-1953) in Okinawa helping on the construction of an airport there. He was on the Road Construction Crew that built Hwy 50 through Placerville. That was when we moved there.

I think that he got the nickname “Swede”,  while he was in Okinawa. It was always his co-workers and drinking buddies that called him “Swede”.  I can still see him coming home from working on those large Caterpillar Blades, taking off his hard hat to exposed that white forehead and the rest of the face was a bright red under all that dirt. His hair went from blonde to a white grey, just as his mothers had. Since I was only two when my grandfather died I do not remember what his coloring was like, but Dad definitely looked like a “Swede”.

Lloyd died on October 23, 2000.




52 Ancestors #11 Dorothy Ada Dougherty – My Mom

Todays blog is in honor of Mothers Day. For my mom.

Dorothy Ada Dougherty

Dorothy Ada Dougherty

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother ….Abraham Lincoln

My mom has been gone 27 years now and yet I still think of her everyday. Happy Mothers Day.

Dorothy Ada Dougherty was born Nov. 2, 1914 in Davis California the oldest child of J.E. and Ada Richmal (Heap) Dougherty. Mom had red hair and green eyes. She was tall about 5’8″.

Her two bothers were Robert Edwin, and Walter Lyle Dougherty.

Dorothy, Robert, and Walter Dougherty

Dorothy, Robert, and Walter Dougherty

Mom remembered the house in Davis on A street. She told us:

It burnt down when my mother left a hot iron unattended.



A. St. House Davis Calif. circ. 1915

A. St. House
Davis Calif. circ. 1915


Mom graduated from high school at 16. She attended Sacramento City College for her first year.

Dorothy Ada Dougherty clippings


Mom was quite the actress and Director of plays not only in high school but throughout her college years. The year she attended university of Calif. at Davis she was one of only three girls in UCD’s Sophmore class. She transferred to Madison Wisconsin and the university there for her final year.


Upon graduating she tried to get a job in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even with a college degree jobs were scarce in 1935 The best she said she could do was in a “5 and dime” store (guess that would be a Dollar Store today). On May 21, 1937 in the garden of her parents home she married Lloyd Fletcher Putnam, who she had meet while he attended UC Davis.

Dorothy & LLoyd Putnam

Dorothy & LLoyd Putnam


Lloyd and Dorothy had 4 children. I’m the youngest.

Putnam Kids circ. 1950

Putnam Kids
circ. 1952


In 1952 when I started kindergarten, Dorothy began her teaching career in Visalia, California at Carrie Barnett School. She tried teaching eigth, sixth and fourth grade. She settled on fifth grade. In 1956 we moved to Placerville, California where Mom taught at Mother Lode as a fifth grade teacher. She later taught at Charles Brown School. She had to stop teaching about 1966 when rheumatoid arthritis so severely effected her legs that she became wheel chair bound.

I remember as a first grader complaining to mom that she spent too much time at home on her school work. After that Mom tried to complete her lesson plans and grading papers and the like at school. I know she was a great and  conscientious  teacher. She tutored various students through the years who were having trouble with their school work. I remember her working with one young girl in the late 50’s early 60’s at our dining room table on weekends who needed help with English, Spanish was the girls native language.

Mother of four, grandmother of 7, and a great grandmother before she died on 24 August 1987.

On Mother’s Day I salute my mother for contributing to the lives of many and being most appreciated by this daughter for making our home as stable and comfortable as possible while working full time. I still use moms receipes on a regular basis. One of my favorites is a simple and delicious receipe for rice pudding, if you do not already have it, I can share.


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