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12 Family Lines – 12 Months – #7 The Francis Line in Tulare county

The Francis Line comes to our family with my maternal grandmother Etta Jane Francis (b. 1889, California) who was one of two daughters of Gilmore C. (b. 1864, California) and Caroline (Batson) (b. 1866, Ohio) Francis. Gilmore’s parents were George Washington Francis (b. 1832, Ohio) and Clementine Shipp (b. 1848, Louisiana). Gilmore had eight brothers and sisters. George Washington Francis was one of 12 children born to William Henry Francis (b. 1798, Virginia) and Susannah Holmes (b.1806, Virginia). William Henry was the eldest of 9 children born to Joseph Francis (b. 1770, Maryland) and Sabitha (Tabitha) Holmes (b. 1775, Virginia). Joseph had an older brother Thomas and their Father was Andrew Francis (b. abt. 1740, Maryland, d. 1804 in Virginia) their mother is unknown at this time. My sister has done all this research on the Francis line. While much is sited in the Francis Family of Fauquier County Virginia ¹ we knew that some of the information was incorrect, therefore Madeleine has done due diligence in verifying the information.

If you click on the names underlined it will take you to a previous post about that person.

In sorting out my files on the Francis line I tried to see if I could place George Washington in a 1860 US Census. We have him in all the other available census plus the California voter registers from 1866 forward. A historical biographical sketch was given in History of the State of California and Biographical Record of the San Joaquin Valley, California ² for George W. Francis.

Also about the same time (1859) he removed to a cattle ranch not far from Visalia, where eventually he gained control of four thousand acres and had large herds of cattle grazing on the plains…….At Visalia in 1860 ³, Mr. Francis married Clementine Shipp, a native of Tennessee and a daughter of George Shipp, one of the earliest settlers of the San Joaquin valley. …….. There is one thing that Mr. Francis takes pride in, and that is that he voted for Abraham Lincoln at Venice, Cal, in 1861.

Well  why is he not in the 1860 census in Tulare County? according to the biographic sketch George W. had previously lived in Mariposa County where he had been Mining .

In 1858,  abandoning mining, he went to the Kings River region and settled in Drums Valley, where he and Andrew Drum engaged in the hog business.

So after some in-depth searches I discovered that Drums Valley (Drumms Valley or Drum Valley) is just west of Badger in northern Tulare County.

Tulare County from Google Earth

So this is the beginning of the Francis family in Tulare county where George lives until his death in 1914. Where is Venice California? I had assumed it was in Los Angeles area (Venice or Venice Beach). After looking into the History of “Venice of America”, I discovered that Venice was originally in the Santa Monica area and the tract of land was sold to Abbott Kinney and his partner Francis Ryan in 1891 where they built a pier. It became Ocean Park in 1895 and when Kinney opened his “Venice of America” park in 1905. So that does not fit the 1861 date for Venice, California. So I looked at the townships in Tulare county for the 1860 US census, no Venice. Then I checked the townships in the 1870 US Census and found the township of Venice. Searching maps of Tulare County I finally found it. Today it would be near Ivanhoe, just East of Ivanhoe are two groups of hills, Venice Hills North and Venice Hills South and Venice Cove (click on image to enlarge).

Mystery solved.

Next Month I will be looking at the first of the two different Hall Family ‘s.

¹Francis Family of Fauquier County Virginia, by Albert O. Felchlia 1992 available at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah (out of print)

²History of the State of California and Biographical Record of the San Joaquin Valley, California  by Prof. J.M. Guinn, A.M., Chapman Publishing Co. Chicago 1905. Available through the California State Archives, Sacramento, California.

³Clemintine would have been 13 years of age in 1860.



William Henry Francis – Mexican War Volunteer?

164c45e7-2fcb-41e3-af1c-18e21c31c53dThis will be my 91st post and “I’m not done yet.” I started this blog back in February of 2014. I have covered a lot of our relatives but there is always something new to learn. I started researching the Family History way back in 1985 for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. This week my husband and I will be celebrating our own 50th anniversary.  It seems like it could not really be 50 years that Roy and I have been married. I do not even feel 50.  We have so many more things to do it will take another 50 years if time continues to speed by. I do digress, sorry. About this genealogy stuff.  In researching this weeks ancestor, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that this week played a role in one of his marriages also.

My goal is to complete the 32’s this year. The 32’s are our 3rd great grandparents. Now that we have Julia Marsh’s parents most likely identified I shall move on to the Francis line. This is my grandmother Etta Jane’s surname.

Etta’s (better known to me and my siblings as Gay) parents were Gilmore and Carrie (Batson) Francis who I have previously written about (see 52 Ancestors- Carrie Batson Mail Order bride? and 52 Ancestors -33- Gilmore C. Francis- gramps ). Gilmore’s father was George Washington Francis and his mother was Clementine Jane Shipp.

George’s father was William Henry Francis. Most of what we know about William initially came from the Francis Family of Fauquier County, Virginia  published in 1992 by Albert O. Felchlia. My sister Madeleine has done the research on the Francis line. This family book she has used as a starting point for some of our research, but we know the mistakes in our immediate family and therefore have taken the information with a look toward proving or disproving the information found in Felchlia’s book, and that is where we are with William, trying to prove or disprove his role in the Mexican War.

Here is what Francis Family of Fauquier County, Virginia  has to say about William H Francis.

Francis Family Farquaire VA pg8w wateermark

Francis Family of Fauquier County, Virginia

(Click on image to enlarge)

Data on this family supplied by Diane Pheneger, Granville, OH

F141  William Henry b. ca 1798, Fauquier Co. VA………………..

F141  William Henry Francis m 6 Sept 1821¹, Fauquier Co, VA to

F141a  Delilah Dennison

             Parents: Thomas Dennison

             Bondsmen: William Francis and Thomas Dennison


F1411 Joseph Thomas b. 15 May 1822, Fauquier Co, VA, d. Columbus, OH

F141 William Henry Francis m. (2nd) 20 July 1826, Muskingum Co, OH to

F141b  Susanna Holmes b 22 Nov, 1806, VA

              Parents: Peter & Elizabeth (Redman) Holmes

             Resided: Muskingum Co, Oh

             William d 1848, Texas, drowned in Mexican War

             Susanna d 2 Apr 1896, bur Mt Sterling, OH


So according to the Francis Family book, William was born about 1798 in Fauquier county Virginia to Joseph and Tabitha /Sabitha (Holmes) Francis. A Transcribed Marriage bonds index of Fauquier county (by John K. Gott) shows a Wm. Francis and Delilah Dennison original bond dated Sept. 8, 1821 and the date of marriage ….  .. 1822.

Not much for pinning down a marriage date here.

Madeleine found in an 1820 Deed  (recorded 6/22/1820) for 250 acres in Muskingum Co. Ohio being sold by a Joseph Evans and his wife Mary to a William Francis of Muskingum.

The 1840 census for Mt. Sterling , Ohio does not list family members by name, Just head of household but we can determine from the age grouping and known information of William and Susannah’s children who was at home in this census.

1840 US Census Mt. Sterling, Muskingum Co., Ohio

1840 US Census
Mt. Sterling, Muskingum Co., Ohio

The Males (ages) <5 = 1 (Peter Gilmore), 10<15 = 2 ( George Washington and Simon Henry), 30<40 = 1 (William Henry).

The Females (ages) <5 = 1 ( Mary Isabella), 5<10 = 2 ( Margaret Elizabeth and Laleth Ann), 10<15=1 (Sabitha Ann), 30<40 =1 (Susannah).

The 1850 US Census and later, shows Susannah as a widow. The information that William Henry died in 1848 is presumed correct. While we can find Susannah (Holmes) Francis on a “Findagrave” we are unable to find any documentation of a grave for William Francis in Muskingum county Ohio.

Records needed-

  1. original Marriage bond for William and Delilah in Fauquier Co. Virginia.
  2. Death of Delilah Dennison Francis in VA?
  3. Marriage record of Susannah (Holmes) and William H. Francis in Muskingum county Ohio.
  4. War records for William H. Francis – Mexican War 1846-1848.

While looking for Mexican War records for William H. Francis the following Index card has been found.

General Index card from Family Search United States Mexican War Service Records 1846-1848

General Index card
from FamilySearch.org
United States Mexican War Service Records 1846-1848

There were no records in this file for a William Francis from Ohio. Also in searching on Ohio’s list of Volunteers for the Mexican War there were no William Francis’ found. Any help on researching William Henry Francis and his demise would be greatly appreciated



52 Ancestors ~ #33 Gilmore C. Francis- gramps

My paternal great grandfather was Gilmore Francis. Born 11 November 1864, Gilmore was the second son of George Wahington and Clementine (Shipp) Francis, in Tulare County, California. My grandmother talked about her family coming west in a covered wagon from Ohio. It must have been sometime between the 1850 Census and the marriage of George Francis to Clementine Shipp. George Washington Francis is not in the 1860 census in Hopewell, Ohio nor in Visalia, California. Maybe they were in transit during the census. From the 1900 US Census we get the marriage year as 1860 when Clementine is only 13. Yet in the 1860 census in Visalia we find Clementine Shipp with her parents and siblings in Visalia, California. I thought the Francis’ should be close if George W. Francis and Clementine get married later that year. But I have not found them.

1870 US Census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1870 US Census
Visalia, Tulare County, California


In the 1970 Census we find Gilmore (6), born in California. His father George  (39),  raising stock, with a real estate valued at $1,000 and a personal property value of $4,000. He is shown born in Ohio. Gilmore’s mother Clementine is listed as 23 years of age. Clementine was shown as born in Louisiana. Gilmore’s older brother William who had been born in 1861 had already died in 1868.

1880 US Census Kaweaha and Mineral King, Tulare County, California

1880 US Census
Kaweaha and Mineral King, Tulare County, California

In the next US census for 1880 Gilmore is 16 years old and shown as a farm hand.  Now there are four more brothers and sisters, to Gilmore, listed. Simon (14) farm boy, Walter (12) at school, Iva Bell (10) at school, and George A. (3) . Clementine is shown as 34 while George W. is 49.

Carrie Batson and Gilmore C. Francis 30 March 1888

Carrie Batson and Gilmore C. Francis
30 March 1888

In 1888 Gilmore marries Carrie Batson of Zanesville Ohio. We have lots of questions about how this marriage came about. While the Francis family was from this area Gilmore was born in California. The transcontinental railroad is completed in 1869. So travel would have been easier, but still….

Remember there is no 1890 US census. So we look for state censuses and voter registrations. For Voter registration we find Gilmore in the 1886, 1890, and 1892 records in Venice township, rural Visalia, Tulare County, California. In the 1892 Voter register there is a physical description. Height is listed as 5′ 6 1/2″, complexion light, eyes blue and hair brown.

On 26 June 1889 Etta Jane Francis is born. Then on 5 April 1891 Grace is born.

1900 US Census Orosi township, Tulare County, California

1900 US Census
Orosi township, Tulare County, California


In this 1900 US Census we see Gilmore C. (36) born in Nov. 1863 married 12 years, born in Calif. Father born in Ohio and mother born in Virginia. Gilmore is listed as a farmer who can read and write and rents his home. Sarah C. (Carrie) is now 34  born in Jan. of 1866 in Ohio, father born in Virginia and mother born in Ohio. Their two daughter are Ettie J. born June 1889  now 10 years old and Gracie G. born April 1892 and 8 years old, both born in California.

1910 US Census Orosi Township, Tulare County, California

1910 US Census
Orosi Township, Tulare County, California


Moving on to the 1910 US Census their older daughter Etta has married (Ira B. Putnam in 1907). We see here that Gilmore C. (45) married 22 years his father still shown as born in Ohio but now his mother is shown as born in Louisiana. Gilmore is still shown as a farmer but now he is shown as owning his home. Carrie (43) also married 22 years. Grace G. is now 19 and with no occupation.

1920 US census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1920 US census
Visalia, Tulare County, California


1920 we find Gilmore and Carrie alone, Grace has married Larkin Jones (1912). Gilmore is now listed as 55 years old still farming and owning his home free and clear.  Carrie (53) and she lists both parents born in Ohio.

Somehow they are not in the 1930 US Census. But we see them in the Visalia Directory in 1934. Carrie dies 12 August 1937 and is buried in the Visalia cemetery.

1940 US Census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1940 US Census
Visalia, Tulare County, California


In the 1940 US Census, Gilmore C. Francis (75) is a boarder living in the home of an Emily Dillon (78). Gilmore does not list any occupation.

In the 1955 City Directory for Visalia, Gilmore C. Francis is listed in Dinuba.

Gilmore dies on 27 January 1955. Madeleine and I were told we were to young to go to his funeral.

Gilmore C. "Gil" Francis & Sarah C. "Carrie" (Batson) Francis Visalia Cemetery

Gilmore C. “Gil” Francis & Sarah C. “Carrie” (Batson) Francis
Visalia Cemetery

What I recall about “Gramps”  was that he was a small man without any teeth. I remember one time at Gay’s (my grandmother’s) house watching him eat peas off a table knife. I knew if I ever tried that I would be “in big trouble”. I know he stayed with my grandmother Gay on the ranch a lot. He was at family functions, but I can not find any good pictures of him.

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