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12 Family Lines 12 Months~The Batson Family continues


My challenge for this month was to review the Batson Family Line.
Last week I outlined the process I plan to use as I continue this year’s challenge to review one Family Line each month. At the start of each month I will pull off the shelf the next surname binder. So even though I might not have completed reviewing the files for the Batson Family on the first of the month I’m moving on.
The goal is to get my files in order and to outline what tasks are yet needed on each line.
Carrie or Caroline Batson is where the Batson Family begins, Carrie had three sisters and six brothers. Emma, the eldest, was born about 1846 and Edgar E., the youngest, was born in 1894. Alfred the oldest boy was born about 1847 which means he was of age to have served during the Civil War.  There are several possibilities for him in the civil war, but none are obviously him. I do not have Alfred in the 1870 US Federal Census. But I have found a county marriage record for him and other US Federal Census records. In 1880 Alfred is married and living in Clark Co., Illinois, and working as a potter. I am certain this is John R.’s son and Carrie’s brother. John R. Batson was a lifelong potter and William L., Alfred’s bother, is shown also working as a potter in the 1870 census, while still living at home. In the 1900 US Census Alfred was then living in Sullivan Co. Indiana, but is now listed as a coal miner. Curious as to  what happened. I have discovered that in the 1890 a huge influx of immigrants into this country were coming from areas renown for their pottery, and it wasn’t until around 1910 that the tariff on imported pottery was lifted causing an impact on this country’s pottery industry.

Trying to put some facts and substance to the other siblings  will take more research. I’ve only been able to find the deaths of 8 of the 10 children of John R. and Sarah J. (Dick) Batson.

I have been able to document John Batson fairly extensively. Now his parents are noted as William Batson and Catherine Aldrage. William born about 1799 is also shown as a potter in the 1850 US Census. We have only 4 children born to William.  John, our 2x great grandfather born about 1823 in Virginia (later noted as W. Virginia), William born about 1827 in Va, also listed as a potter in the 1850 US Census, Charles born about 1833 in Ohio and Mary born about 1835 in Ohio. I have found a marriage record in Ohio of William Batson to Catherine Aldrage on 29 August 1840, Therefore Catherine is more than likely not John nor Williams mother also probably not Charles or Mary’s either. Another task, who is John’s mother?


Click on image to enlarge.

In the 1850 Census we see William and Catherine with a Charles 17 also a potter and Mary 16.

1850 US Federal Census Muskingum County, Ohio

1850 US Federal Census Muskingum County, Ohio

William and Catherine leave Ohio and move out to Leavenworth County, Kansas where the are enumerated in the 1860 US Federal Census in Easton.

1860 US Federal Census pg.1 William Batson

1860 US Federal Census
pg.1 William Batson

1860 US Federal Census pg. 2 William Batson

1860 US Federal Census
pg. 2 William Batson










As you can see Catherine is mislabeled as Elizabeth (possibly a middle name) and there is an Elizabeth Aldridge. Questions to be answered: Is Aldridge, Catherine’s maiden name or from an earlier marriage? What relationship is there to Elizabeth Aldridge?

Elizabeth is 30 in this census making her birth about 1830, That was prior to when Catherine married William Batson. So if she is a daughter of Catherine why isn’t she in the 1850 census.

1870 US Federal census SpringDale Leavenworth County, Kansas

1870 US Federal census SpringDale Leavenworth County, Kansas

In the 1870 US Federal Census Elizabeth Aldridge is now listed as either 25 or 35 not aging as the rest of us. She and Catherine are both shown as unable to write. I did find in the Bethel Cemetery, Springdale, Leavenworth County, Kansas, William Batson and Catherine Batson are buried there, also there is an Elizabeth Aldridge, it gives her date of birth on the stone as 10 Feb. 1823 and her death date as 20 Feb. 1893.

According to the photos on find a grave, William Batson death is listed as 7 April 1872  and Catherine death was 5 months earlier on 16 October 1871.

We need to find the death record in Kansas for William to find who his birth parents were. Also the Death certificate for Catherine may solve the question is Aldrage or Aldridge her maiden name. Of course if you have any information on this family line I would love to hear from you.

Next weeks it is the Booth Family line.

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12 Family Lines-12 Months~#1 The Batson Family


So last week I asked for suggestions on a new challenge for this blog this year. Thanks to those who responded with suggestions. I did look  into the alphabet challenge and several others that are out there. This is what I came up with. 12 family lines in 12 months. Each month I will take one family line and look at my research on that line. I will strategize, collate, update files and basically clean up my files on that line and find what I need to further research. During that month I will write about my progress on that family line. At the end of the month I will put that family line aside and move on to the next line. So by the end of the year I should have reviewed all the information I have on 12 lines in my genealogy. This is something I could potentially continue for over two years. Currently I have 26 lines identified.

Right now I have two boxes of genealogy “stuff” under my desk that needs to be sorted and filed. I’m debating on where to start. Do I start with my surname and work backwards or do I go alphabetically? When I did 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks I did not have an order. Now when I want to see who I have covered I have to look at my list. I have my binders in order on the shelf. So if I take them in alphabetical order maybe I won’t become confused.

All that to get to #1 – The Batson Line


Well this is a Paternal line. If you recall my sister, Madeleine, is working on and has done the herculean effort on our father’s side of the family,  but that does’t mean I have no records or can not delve into the unanswered questions. I hope she will chime in if she sees something gone astray or has more information to share on those lines.

Caroline or Carrie Batson is where we pickup this line. She was my paternal great grandmother. Her parents were John R. Batson and Sarah Dick. John’s parents were William Batson and Catherine Aldrage.

Caroline Batson 1888

Caroline Batson 1888

Caroline Batson b. 17 January 1866 in Mt Sterling, Muskingum Co., Ohio¹

m. 30 March 1888, to Gilmore Francis, in Zanesville, Muskingum Co,. Ohio²

1870 US Census Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio

1880 US Census Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio

Daughter, Etta Jane, born to Carrie and Gilmore 26 June 1889

Daughter, Grace, born to Carrie and Gilmore 05 April 1891

1900 US Census Tulare Co., California

1910 US Census Orasi Township, Tulare Co., California

1920 US Census Visalia, Tulare Co., California

1934 California Voter Registration, Rt. R Box 356, Visalia, Tulare Co.

d. 12 August 1937¹

My next post will continue the Batson Line.

¹ Source: State of California, Department of Public health, Vital Statistics, Standard Certificate of Death N0, 294, Local Registered No. 48, Certified copy from Tulare County.
² Source: Certified Copy of Marriage Record, The State of Ohio Muskingum County Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division, copy from record No. 10-401 Filed and Recorded March 30 1888.

52 Ancestors- John R. Batson- Potter

This challenge from Amy Johnson Crow was Working for a Living: September 7 is Labor Day in the United States. Write about an ancestor and his or her occupation.

The first Labor day Parade was held in New York City on Sept. 5, 1882 but it did not became an official federal holiday until 1894 when President Cleveland declared the first Monday in Sept. as “Labor Day”. This was a nod to the unions after more then a decade of organized strikes by industry workers to get better working conditions and a “livable wage”.

In my earlier blog on non-population census for Joseph Booth I noted that a skilled craftsmen working for my ancestor in the carriage making business on Staten Island in New York , was paid $2.00/day and an unskilled laborer received 75¢/day in wages in 1880.

Looking at my Paternal side of the family tree John R Batson was a Potter, working in Hopewell, Muskingum County, Ohio starting around 1850 at the age of 27. Hopewell is a small rural community in Ohio. When reviewing the Non-Population census in 1880 I found that there were 6 Pottery Companies: Peterson & Burley, Martin Fountain, James Stine, Asa Dake, Bogus Van Allen, and Z. & J.D. Van Allen . All of them employed at least one person and one as many as seven. REMEMBER TO CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

1880 Schedule 3 - Manufactures Hopewell Township, County of Muskingum State of Ohio

1880 Schedule 3 – Manufactures
Hopewell Township, County of Muskingum
State of Ohio

The salaries range from $1.25 to $1.80 /day  for skilled labor and 50¢ to $1.00/day for unskilled labor. Only three of the companies worked full time all year.

In the 1880 US Census John is renting his home. On the census we see John R. Batson’s next door neighbor is a James Peterson also a potter. Is this the Peterson of Peterson & Burley on the 1880 Non-Population census? Was this who John worked for? Looking further down the page is Martin Fountain also a potter and most likely the same one on the Non-Population census. We see that his two sons work for him in the shop and are the youths on the Non-Population census listing for Martin Fountains business.

1880 US Census Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio

1880 US Census
Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio

In the 1860 Non Population Census for Hopewell 16 pottery manufactures are listed and in the US Federal Population census 45 list their occupation as Potter.

1860 Non-Population Census Schedule 5 Hopewell, Muskingum Co., Ohio Transcribed Potters pg. 1

1860 Non-Population Census Schedule 5
Hopewell, Muskingum Co., Ohio
Transcribed Potters pg. 1


1860 Non-Population Census Schedule 5 Hopewell, Muskingum Co., Ohio Transcribed Potters pg. 2

1860 Non-Population Census Schedule 5
Hopewell, Muskingum Co., Ohio
Transcribed Potters pg. 2

Comparing the 1880 and 1860 Non Population census I noticed that John Burley (1860 census) is now Peterson and Burley (1880 census). While there are two young individuals with the last name Fountain listed as potters in 1860, they appear to be working for someone and by 1880 a company by the name of Martin Fountain is in business.  In 1860 there are two Allen’s listed as manufactures of stoneware and in 1880 there are no Allen’s but there are two Von Allen’s. The other two companies were not listed in the 1860 Non-Population census. Since we can assume that John R. Batson does not own his home possibly he moves around the area to live near where he is working. On the 1866 Plat Map for Hopewell Township, http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ohmuskin/1866atlas/1866MuskingumCoAtlas-20.jpg I found 3 Pottery’s shown within 2 miles of Mt. Sterling: Burley, Hughes, and Chappelear (was that Chapples on the schedule?). Hughes was not shown on the schedule.

Going back to 1850 US Census were John R. Batson is first seen as an independent household I found 18 Pottery companies in Hopewell township on the 1850 Non-Population census. While there were 51 individuals listed as Potters on the 1850 Population census in Hopewell Township.

Looking closely I noticed that the enumerator for this census noted the different villages. So those potters living in the village of Mt. Sterling including John R. Batson totaled 11. Of those pottery business’ in Mt Sterling I found John Brown, Mark Fountain, Samuel Colvine, and possibly Harrison German. The last may be a combination of two last names. John Brown and Mark Fountain both employed 4 individuals and Samuel Colvine employed 2, that leaves one unaccounted for. Harrison German employed 1. If proximity is any indication I would guess that John R. Batson works for John Brown, because they are next door neighbors. John’s brother William and his father William are also listed as potters in this census. William Jr. lives closer to Mark Fountain while William Sr. lives closer to John Brown on the Census but in really life I am not sure.

Looking at the 1866 County Plat Maps for Hopewell township we see the number of Pottery’s that are scattered around the country side. There must have been a great source for clay in this area and Potters were  thriving throwing stoneware before the American Civil War. Since only land owners for that date are shown I do not find John R. Batson on this map. However many of the Pottery business owners own multiple properties so he could be renting from his boss and when he changed companies he moved.  It looks like the industry declined dramatically after the war and by 1880 few pottery companies were left in the area. By 1892 John R. Batson has retired and he and his wife have relocated to Columbus Ohio where they live for a while with their son Edgar and then later their son Charles. John died 8 August 1901 at the age of 78.

There is definitely a field trip for me to visit Ohio and learn more about the Pottery industry in this area during John Batson’s life time.






52 Ancestors – Carrie Batson – Mail Order bride?


This past week Amy Johnson Crow of 52 Ancestors challenged us to write about Love. Well we do have a collateral line named “Loveren” but that’s a stretch. So an ancestor I overlooked in last years 52 Ancestors is Carrie Batson. Carrie is one of my paternal great grandmothers. She is my grandma Gay’s (Etta’s) mother. While I knew her husband, ‘Grampy’ I never knew her.
Carrie (Caroline) was born 17 January 1866 in Mt. Sterling, Ohio to John R. and Sarah (Dick) Batson.

1870 US Census Hopewell Muskingum Ohio

1870 US Census Hopewell Muskingum Ohio


In the 1870 US census (click on image to enlarge) we find a Catherine (3 years old) listed in the John R. Batson (47 years of age) family in Hopewell township, Muskingum county Ohio, a Potter, born in Virginia. Her mother is Sarah J, (40 years) born in Ohio. Also in the household is William L. (18 years) also a Potter born in Ohio, Agnes A. (16) helps mother, born in Ohio, John M. (13)  born in Ohio, Florence R. (11) born in Ohio, and Charles H. (6) born in Ohio. This is probably where I get my love of pottery from. This family is the last entry before the listing for the Village of Mount Sterling.

1880 US Census Hopewell Muskingum Ohio

1880 US Census
Hopewell Muskingum Ohio

In the 1880 US census John R. and Sarah J Batson are again in the Hopewell township in Muskingum county Ohio. John is now 57 and still working as a potter. Here we see that he and both of his parents were born in Virginia. Sarah is now 50 and again shown born in Ohio while both of her parents are listed as being born in New York state. Florence R. their daughter is 20 years old and still at home. Their son Charles is 18, Carrie is 14, and a new younger brother to Carrie is Edgar E. who is 10 years of age.

Marriage Affidavit Gilmore C. Francis and Caroline Batson

Marriage Affidavit
Gilmore C. Francis and
Caroline Batson

Carrie and Gilmore Francis  Wedding Photo

Carrie and Gilmore Francis
Wedding Photo

In 1888 Carrie Batson married Gilmore C. Francis. They marry in Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio on 30 March by the Justice of the Peace George W. Griffen. Gilmore was born and raised in California. How did he meet, let alone marry Carrie? My sister Madeleine’s theory is that Gilmore was unable to find a wife from those that knew him in California and it’s her idea that through his fathers connections to friends and family still living in Ohio a wife for Gilmore was found. Gilmore was 23 and Carrie was 22 when they married. That is why Madeleine and I refer to Carrie as a possible ‘mail order bride?

Etta Jane Francis their first child is born 26 June 1889 in California. 2 years later Grace is born on 5 April 1891.

1900 US Census Orosi Tulare County CAlifornia

1900 US Census
Orosi Tulare County CAlifornia

The 1900 US census we find Gilmore and Carrie in Tulare county out in Orosi (about 15 miles north of Visalia) California. Gilmore is 37, a farmer renting the home they are living in. Carrie is shown as Sarah C. 34 years of age and having given birth to 2 children both of which are still living. Etta is now 10 and Gracie G. is 8 years of age and they are both in school. Carries father died in 1900.

1910 US census Orosi Tulare Co. CAlifornia

1910 US census
Orosi Tulare Co. CAlifornia

Carrie Batson Francis at the Elliott Ranch date unknown

Carrie Batson Francis at the Elliott Ranch
date unknown

In the 1910 census the family is still living in Orosi. My Grandmother “Gay” talked about growing up on the Elliott Ranch. Hey David, do you know where the Elliott Ranch was? I had thought it was south of Visalia near Elderwood.

By the 1910 Census Carrie’s daughter Etta (my grandma ‘Gay”) had married Ira B. Putnam and moved to his ranch west of Visalia California. So the Family consisted of Gilmore C. now 45 years old Farming on a farm as an employee. Carrie is now 43 and it shows 2 live births and 2 yet living. Carrie and Gil were lucky they did not lose any children early.  Grace is now 19.

In 1915 Carrie’s mother dies in Ohio. So at 49 both of her parents are gone and probably any connections at home in Ohio are limited.

1920 US census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1920 US census
Visalia, Tulare County, California

In 1920 US Census we find that both of Carrie’s daughters are now married. Gracie married Lark Jones in 1912. Gil and Carrie are now living in Visalia.

In 1930 US Census they were not found but they are in the Visalia city Directory in 1934.

US City Directory Visalia California 1934

US City Directory
Visalia California


Carrie dies 12 August 1937 in Visalia.

California Certificate of Death Carrie Batson Francis

California Certificate of Death
Carrie Batson Francis

Gilmore C. "Gil" Francis & Sarah C. "Carrie" (Batson) Francis Visalia Cemetery

Gilmore C. “Gil” Francis & Sarah C. “Carrie” (Batson) Francis
Visalia Cemetery


Carrie is buried in the Visalia Cemetery.

How do you think Gilmore and Carrie met? Was it a love match or an arranged marriage?


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