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52 Ancestors – Ike Putnam

This weeks theme on Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors – 52 Weeks is “favorite photograph”.
I love all the old photo’s we have of the California early days in the mountains near Visalia, California.

Ike Putnam Standing on steam donkey near the Sequoia"s circa. 1910

Ike Putnam Standing on steam donkey near the Sequoia”s circa. 1910

This Photo has A.R. Moore written in the lower right hand corner. Mr. Moore at one time had a photography studio in Porterville. When the studio was destroyed by fire about 1914 he retired. Today you can find several of his photo’s online and last month while working the Redwood Regional Logging Conference in Eureka I met another vendor who deals in old photos from the lumber camps of California. He said he had many of A.R. Moore photos from the Sequoia’s. This photo is one of several that our family has from when Ike Putnam, my grandfather, was working in the logging camps north east of Visalia. I have no idea who the other loggers in this photo are. But I love that we can see the kind of work that Ike was involved in and get a glimpse of the man himself at work.


52 Ancestors – Joseph Fletcher Putnam – Hiked through the Jungle

Joseph Fletcher Putnam

Joseph Fletcher Putnam

My paternal great grandfather was born in Cambridge Massachusetts 18 May 1852 to Joseph and Mary Ann (Fletcher) Putnam. Between the birth of young Joseph and his older sister Nellie, Joseph senior had traveled to the Goldfields in California, where he and a friend Edwin Whipple had a claim on the Mokolome River, and back again to Cambridge. The “Family Story”  is that the family left Boston by ship and landed on the Gulf of Mexico at Panama where they had to trek through the jungle walking across the isthmus of Panama to the Pacific Ocean. There they caught a steamer for San Francisco. Since the family is in the 1860 US Census in California Joseph would have been less then 7 years old and his older sister would have been younger then 12 years of age when the family made this trek. The 1860 US census shows that Joseph’s sister Lucy was just 4 months old in July when the census was taken and that she was born in California. Exactly when they arrived I have not completely documented.

1860 US Census Elliott Township San Joaquin County California

1860 US Census
Elliott Township San Joaquin County
California (Click on image to enlarge)



Joseph Fletcher Putnam grew up on his father’s orchard ranch in Clements California, which is about 23 miles northeast of Stockton California. At the age of 22 he met and married Fanny Stewart 18 years of age on 23 Febuary 1875 in Stockton California. The witnesses to the marriage were William Whipple and Lucy Fellows Putnam. William and Lucy later marry and raise a large family of their own.

Recorded Marriage Licence  Joseph Fletcher Putnam and Fanny Stewart

Recorded Marriage Licence
Joseph Fletcher Putnam and Fanny Stewart

Fanny was from Kansas, and I often wondered what she was doing out in California in 1875.  Fanny and Joseph had Grace Ellen  in Feb. 1875 and Alice was born 30 September 1876. In October of 1878 Fanny travels to Kansas to visit her family. Fanny took the 17 month old Alice with her and left 3 1/2 year old Grace at home with her father. Fanny and Alice never came back. In April of 1880 Joseph F. Putnam filed in Stockton California for a Divorce due to desertion, which was granted 20 April 1880 by A.V.D. Peterson, Judge of the Superior Court.

Divorce papers Joseph & Fanny Putnam

Divorce papers Joseph & Fanny Putnam

In the 1880 US Census Joseph Fletcher is alone in Hopeton Merced County California while his daughter Grace is with his parents in Clements (San Joaquin County) California.

On Dec. 30 1880 Joseph F. Putnam (age: 27) marries Ida May (Clough) Bryant (age: 25) in Stockton California. Ida May has three children from an earlier marriage to C.E. Bryant,  C.E. ‘Ed’ 8 years old, Allace 5 years of age, and Maude about 3 years old.

Marriage Lisence Record Joseph F. Putnam & Ida May Bryant

Marriage Lisence Record
Joseph F. Putnam & Ida May Bryant


Joseph and Ida May go on to have four more children together. Arthur dies in infancy, Ira B. is born in 1883, Lena A. is born in 1885 and Blanche A. is born in 1888.  Joseph’s second wife leaves him also and he is left with the children while his wife (Ida May)  appears in the 1900 census with a Charles Peters, a younger man.

900 US Census Alameda County California

1900 US Census Alameda County

Lena, Ira, Blanche Grace, and Joseph F. Putnam 1897 Photo courtesy of Frances Steggs

Lena, Ira, Blanche
Grace, and Joseph F. Putnam
Photo courtesy of Frances Steggs





In the 1900 US census we find Joseph Fletcher living and working in Alameda County California with his three children from his marriage to Ida May, Ira, Lena and Blanche.




Grace, his daughter from his first marriage, has married and is living in the same area with her husband (George Bryant) and their two children (William and May). I have not discovered if there is a connection to Grace’s step mother (Ida May) and Grace’s husband George. It was very confusing to me for her married name to be the same as her 1/2 brother and sisters. It took several years and the story of Joseph Fletchers first marriage to be revealed by the decendants of Alice Putnam (Grace’s full sister) from Colorado and New Mexico who made contact with my sister and I back in the early 1990’s. We then learned where Grace fit into the family and who her mother was and why there were two Alices and one was spelled differently by Aunt Blanche. Dear Aunt Blanche if she explained it to Madeleine and I, we did not understand, maybe because we were just teenager and not yet into genealogy. Anyway Madeleine’s notes were hard to follow, at least for me .

Information from Aunt Blanche

Information from Aunt Blanche

Back to Joseph Fletcher.  In the 1910 US census we find Joseph F. Putnam married to an Elizabeth.

1910 US Census Visalia Tulare County California

1910 US Census
Visalia Tulare County

From this census we see that they have been married 4 years.  All of Joseph’s children are either married or off on their own.

Joe & Elizabeth (Potter) Putnam

Joe & Elizabeth (Potter) Putnam

Here is the last photo I have of Joseph Fletcher Putnam and his wife Elizabeth.

In 2000 I found a Land Record on Roots Web for Joseph F. Putnam dated 08 October 1891 . It was a cash sale for a Parcel listed as Township 018S, Range 029E, Section 6.

Land Record Tulare County, California From Rootsweb.com 2000

Land Record
Tulare County, California
From Rootsweb.com 2000

My brother wrote me requarding my question to him about where the Elliott Ranch was. I am now wondering if this is the section that he was speaking of:

The Elliot ranch was next to Grandpa Ikes , property to the Northeast, it was 160 acres that was sold off of the original 640 that was willed to one of the relatives, do not remember who.  Aunt Lena, aunt Blanche and Grandpa Ike inherited the other quarter sections, possibly you know who the other sibling was.  Seems like there was another brother or sister who I do not remember.

At the time I found this record I also found a parcel that William P. Punam (Joseph F.’s brother) puchased in 1908. This was listed in Tulare county as, Township 021S, Range 028E, Section 28. Here is an opportunity for us to do a little investigation about these two pieces of property. I know from newspaper articles that the property immediately north of Aunt Lena’s place was given for an airport by Joseph Putnam and that the Visalia Airport has expanded to take more of what was Aunt Lena’s place.

1920 US Census Visalia Tulare County California

1920 US Census
Visalia Tulare County

1930 US Census Visalia Tulare county California

1930 US Census
Visalia Tulare county

The next 20 years  find joseph and Elizabeth in and around Visalia.

18 August 1931 Elizabeth dies.

On 13 December 1932 Joseph F. Putnam  dies.

Elizabeth and Joseph are buried in Visalia.

52 Ancestors-#36- Ira Blossom Putnam- Grandpa Ike

Ira "Ike" Blosspm Putnam

Ira “Ike” Blossom Putnam

Best known to all by “Ike”, he was born Ira Blossom Putnam on 30 March 1883 in Three Rivers, California. The son of Joseph Fletcher Putnam and Ida May Clough.  That name always bothered me, not Ike but Blossom. It was especially strange that every cow we ever had was called “Blossom”. When my sister and I were working on the family history we had this  “Aha!” moment. We discovered that Ike’s mothers step father was Ira Blossom. Blossom being his surname. So Ike was actually named after his step grandfather.

From the time that Ike and his two sisters were born until about 1892 the Putnam family lived in Three Rivers, California. In the Voter Registration book for Fresno County in October 1892 Joseph Putnam registered to vote. The precinct was called Sequoia and the Post Office was Camp Badger. Whether the whole family was living there is hard to know, possible since Ida May’s mother and step father were also living in Three Rivers, Ida May and the kids stayed there while her husband worked at Camp Badger to earn extra money. It may have been a logging camp. I have not found any information on Camp Badger. I did find a small community called Badger in Tulare county north of Visalia at approximately 3,000 ft. elevation near Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Could be the place.

In 1894 Ike’s grand father Joseph Putnam died in Clements California.

In 1896 I found Joseph Fletcher Putnam is in the Voter Registration book for San Joaquin County listed as a farmer in Clements. I take it that Joseph has gone home to Clements to take care of his fathers farm.

In the 1896 Voter Registration book for San Joaquin County Joseph Fletcher Putnam is still there. This time He is listed as a Saloonkeeper.  So is his family in Clements?

The next record I have is 1897 where Ida May marries a Charles Peters in Tulare County. They later move to Los Angeles.

In the 1898 Voter Registration book for San Joaquin County, Joseph Fletcher Putnam is still there and is again listed as a Saloonkeeper.

I found it interesting that Ike’s father moved up and down California so much and wondered if the kids were shuffled along with him or did they stay in Three Rivers all this time?

1900 US Census Santa Clara, California

1900 US Census
Santa Clara, California

In the 1900 census we have Ira B. Putnam at 16 years of age with his father and his two sisters, Lena and Blanche, in Santa Clara.

Lena, Ike, Blanche Grace and Joseph F. Putnam

Lena, Ike, Blanche
Grace and Joseph F. Putnam

They were not his only siblings. His father had been married previously and he had two older sisters Grace being the eldest and Alice who I believe Ike may have never met. His mother was also married previously and she had C.E. (Ed) Bryant, Maud Bryant, and Allace (Alice) Bryant.  In this same year (1900)Grace, Ike’s older sister, has married a George Bryant and that family is living in Alameda, not so far away.  “And that’s another story.”

Later that year (1900) Joseph Fletcher marries Elizabeth Potter.

Anyway back to Ike. On 15 July 1907 Ike married Etta Jane Francis in Visalia California.

Ira (Ike)  and Etta Jane Putnam Wedding 15 July 1907

Ira (Ike) and Etta Jane Putnam
Wedding 15 July 1907

The 1910 US Census shows Ike and Etta in Visalia. They are shown on the county road Goshen to Tulare. Ike is shown as a farmer who owns his place free and clear. From this I would ascertain that they are on the Ranch that my older brother and sister remember. Which would now be between the end of  Walnut Ave. and Hwy 99 West of Visalia.

1910 US Census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1910 US Census
Visalia, Tulare County, California



Etta, "Ike" and baby LLoyd

Etta, “Ike” and baby Lloyd

Their son, Lloyd was born 3 May 1912 and their daughter, Eunice was born 20 Feb. 1914.


"Babe" (Eunice) and Lloyd

“Babe” (Eunice) and Lloyd

From the 1910 census until his death “Ike ” lived and worked the Ranch outside of Visalia.

His mother died in Los Angeles February 1932. and his father died later that same year in December in Visalia.

Ike died 19 April 1948.

My paternal grandfather died before I could know him. I was sure my siblings all would have memories. My brother who is 6 years older then me wrote:

I was six or seven when he passed away,  do not really remember much.  They had sold the major portion of the ranch and had only kept the 20 acres where we grew up.  I remember before they sold the ranch, going to the milk barn with dad and the milk man would always put me on the roof to be out of his way.  That was when they would come to pick up the milk in the milk cans.  Also remember picking up prunes after they were shaken from the tree.  When they killed a hog they would scald it in a big iron tub and scrape the hair off the hide.  Mom would render the fat and we would have cracklings. After they sold that portion of the ranch and built the house between the one we lived in and aunt babes, he had cancer and they amputated his leg.  I remember him walking on crutches.  I have a picture from grandma Gay of him and Dad, holding a rattle snake he had killed. He loved the three rivers area, and we had relatives’ there.  He was always kind and thoughtful

So then my older sister who is 8 years older called me to relate her stories to me.

I remember when the family would go Posting up to Three Rivers. That’s  what they called it when they would go get Posts for the Ranch. There were rattlesnakes everywhere. Out there where that big oak tree was, was a Prune orchard. When Sweringer bought that piece he took all those Prune trees out and planted cotton. I use to follow him (Grandpa Ike) around when he picked blackberries in the garden, he had a big garden. I’ve never found nectarines as good as Ike’s. Maybe because he grafted everything. I remember the pomegranate tree, it was there as you drove up the lane and came around the house on the left you could see the pomegranate tree.

When I asked about his having his leg amputated she said:

Yes they had to do it twice. They took it off below the knee and then they had to go back in and take more. I was really devastated. All I really remember is his lying there in that bed at the house.

So my other sister who is just eighteen months older really has no memories. She does have a photo that has a story about her taking an egg to Grandpa Ike to show him.

I.B. Putnam Visalia Times 1948

I.B. Putnam
Visalia Times 1948



52 Ancestors ~ #33 Gilmore C. Francis- gramps

My paternal great grandfather was Gilmore Francis. Born 11 November 1864, Gilmore was the second son of George Wahington and Clementine (Shipp) Francis, in Tulare County, California. My grandmother talked about her family coming west in a covered wagon from Ohio. It must have been sometime between the 1850 Census and the marriage of George Francis to Clementine Shipp. George Washington Francis is not in the 1860 census in Hopewell, Ohio nor in Visalia, California. Maybe they were in transit during the census. From the 1900 US Census we get the marriage year as 1860 when Clementine is only 13. Yet in the 1860 census in Visalia we find Clementine Shipp with her parents and siblings in Visalia, California. I thought the Francis’ should be close if George W. Francis and Clementine get married later that year. But I have not found them.

1870 US Census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1870 US Census
Visalia, Tulare County, California


In the 1970 Census we find Gilmore (6), born in California. His father George  (39),  raising stock, with a real estate valued at $1,000 and a personal property value of $4,000. He is shown born in Ohio. Gilmore’s mother Clementine is listed as 23 years of age. Clementine was shown as born in Louisiana. Gilmore’s older brother William who had been born in 1861 had already died in 1868.

1880 US Census Kaweaha and Mineral King, Tulare County, California

1880 US Census
Kaweaha and Mineral King, Tulare County, California

In the next US census for 1880 Gilmore is 16 years old and shown as a farm hand.  Now there are four more brothers and sisters, to Gilmore, listed. Simon (14) farm boy, Walter (12) at school, Iva Bell (10) at school, and George A. (3) . Clementine is shown as 34 while George W. is 49.

Carrie Batson and Gilmore C. Francis 30 March 1888

Carrie Batson and Gilmore C. Francis
30 March 1888

In 1888 Gilmore marries Carrie Batson of Zanesville Ohio. We have lots of questions about how this marriage came about. While the Francis family was from this area Gilmore was born in California. The transcontinental railroad is completed in 1869. So travel would have been easier, but still….

Remember there is no 1890 US census. So we look for state censuses and voter registrations. For Voter registration we find Gilmore in the 1886, 1890, and 1892 records in Venice township, rural Visalia, Tulare County, California. In the 1892 Voter register there is a physical description. Height is listed as 5′ 6 1/2″, complexion light, eyes blue and hair brown.

On 26 June 1889 Etta Jane Francis is born. Then on 5 April 1891 Grace is born.

1900 US Census Orosi township, Tulare County, California

1900 US Census
Orosi township, Tulare County, California


In this 1900 US Census we see Gilmore C. (36) born in Nov. 1863 married 12 years, born in Calif. Father born in Ohio and mother born in Virginia. Gilmore is listed as a farmer who can read and write and rents his home. Sarah C. (Carrie) is now 34  born in Jan. of 1866 in Ohio, father born in Virginia and mother born in Ohio. Their two daughter are Ettie J. born June 1889  now 10 years old and Gracie G. born April 1892 and 8 years old, both born in California.

1910 US Census Orosi Township, Tulare County, California

1910 US Census
Orosi Township, Tulare County, California


Moving on to the 1910 US Census their older daughter Etta has married (Ira B. Putnam in 1907). We see here that Gilmore C. (45) married 22 years his father still shown as born in Ohio but now his mother is shown as born in Louisiana. Gilmore is still shown as a farmer but now he is shown as owning his home. Carrie (43) also married 22 years. Grace G. is now 19 and with no occupation.

1920 US census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1920 US census
Visalia, Tulare County, California


1920 we find Gilmore and Carrie alone, Grace has married Larkin Jones (1912). Gilmore is now listed as 55 years old still farming and owning his home free and clear.  Carrie (53) and she lists both parents born in Ohio.

Somehow they are not in the 1930 US Census. But we see them in the Visalia Directory in 1934. Carrie dies 12 August 1937 and is buried in the Visalia cemetery.

1940 US Census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1940 US Census
Visalia, Tulare County, California


In the 1940 US Census, Gilmore C. Francis (75) is a boarder living in the home of an Emily Dillon (78). Gilmore does not list any occupation.

In the 1955 City Directory for Visalia, Gilmore C. Francis is listed in Dinuba.

Gilmore dies on 27 January 1955. Madeleine and I were told we were to young to go to his funeral.

Gilmore C. "Gil" Francis & Sarah C. "Carrie" (Batson) Francis Visalia Cemetery

Gilmore C. “Gil” Francis & Sarah C. “Carrie” (Batson) Francis
Visalia Cemetery

What I recall about “Gramps”  was that he was a small man without any teeth. I remember one time at Gay’s (my grandmother’s) house watching him eat peas off a table knife. I knew if I ever tried that I would be “in big trouble”. I know he stayed with my grandmother Gay on the ranch a lot. He was at family functions, but I can not find any good pictures of him.

52 Ancestors ~ #24 Etta Jane Francis ~ A Little bit Country.

Do you have relatives that embarrass you? As a teenager I was easily embarrassed by some of my family, but back then I was embarrassed by just about everything, then I decided that instead of allowing myself to be embarrassed by my grandmother (my fathers mother), I would accept her as a unique character. It worked well with my grandmother, however I could not do that with my Dad, guess he was too much in my daily life. After we moved away from the ranch when I was 10, I only saw my grandmother a few times a year. To say she was a little bit country was kinder then my mothers comment that her in-laws were hillbillies.

My Paternal grandmother was Etta Jane Francis. She was born 26 June 1889 in Elderwood, California to Gilmore C. and Caroline (Batson) Francis. Her sister Grace was born two years later on 5 April 1891.

Etta Jane Francis early 1900

Etta Jane Francis
early 1900

In the 1900 US census we find Ettie (10 years old) with the family in Orosi township, Tulare county, California. Her father Gil is renting a farm  and both girls are in school.  Etta only goes to school through the eighth grade. She grows up on a poor dusty ranch/farm in Tulare County.

1900 US Census Orosi, Tulare County, California

1900 US Census
Orosi, Tulare County, California

She meets Ira B. Putnam better known as Ike when she is 15.

Etta Francis and Ira Putnam Elliott Ranch prior to 1910

Etta Francis and Ira Putnam
Elliott Ranch
prior to 1907

On 15 July 1907 they get married.

Ira (Ike)  and Etta Jane Putnam Wedding 15 July 1907

Ira (Ike) and Etta Jane Putnam
Wedding 15 July 1907

In 1910 US census we find Etta and Ike in Visalia living on the county road from Goshen to Tulare , later to become Highway 99. Ike is shown as owning the farm.


1910 US Census Visalia, Tulare County, California

1910 US Census
Visalia, Tulare County, California


On 3 May 1912 Etta and Ike ‘s son is born and they name him Lloyd Fletcher Putnam, using Ira’s fathers middle name of Fletcher.

Two years later  on 10 June 1914 their daughter Gertrude Eunice is born.

Ira, Etta, Lloyd & Eunice

Ira, Etta,
Lloyd & Eunice

In the 1920 US census we find the family in the Linwood Precinct, of Visalia, Tulare county.

1920 US Census Visalia, Tulare County California

1920 US Census
Visalia, Tulare County California

Both their families had pioneered the Three Rivers and Visalia area. In the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s the families still took cattle up to the meadows near Three Rivers for summer grazing. They would also all go hunting and fishing. I have lots of old snap shots of the Mineral King and Sequoia areas that they frequented.  This snap is not so clear but it does show how Etta would dress during that era.

Etta Jane Francis

Etta Jane Francis


Ike and Etta continue living on the ranch and raised their two children. They were not getting rich but they were able to send their son to the Ag. School at Davis California for two years and their daughter to a beauty school in Fresno. That’s a lot more education then Etta herself was allowed.


Ike and Gay   1940's

Ike and Gay

After an extensive back and forth to the doctors in Santa Barbara,  Etta lost her husband Ike to cancer, 19 April 1948.

While I have no memory of Grandpa Ike, I have lots of memories of our grandmother. When my oldest sister was a toddler she had trouble saying grandma and some how it became gay. From then on Etta Jane to her family members was ‘Gay’. When we were sick and mom was working Gay was the one who stayed with us. She just lived down the lane and we were often running in and out of her home. I remember the “buster brown” shoes she bought me at Gottschalks in Visalia in the early 50’s. I hated those shoes but I still had to wear them. She would take us to the Drive-in theater, there was a playground up front under the big screen for children to play in before the movie started. I was pretty young when  I tried to find my way back to the car one evening and got lost. I was starting to panic when she came after me, I was so glad to see her. Going to the feed store with Gay was a real treat because she always stopped at the Visalia A&W for a root beer on the way home.

Etta belonged to the Visalia Garden Club. She loved her roses. While she did not have a large garden she loved those rose bushes and I can see her standing there with her hose watering those flowers. Unlike her sister-in law Lena, Gay always wore a dress, to be more specific it was a “house dress” and more often then not she had an apron on over it. She used that apron for everything. She shooed away the dog out of the yard by flapping it, carried eggs wrapped in the hem, wiped our face with the corner or found tissue in one of the pockets for our runny noses.  It was Gays old car that I fell out of twice. Once in the driveway and once when she was turning onto one of the streets in Visalia. No worries I was never hurt but it cured me of leaning on the car door, even if it took me two times to learn, no car seats back then. I still can see her in our yard in Placerville yelling at the top of her lungs for me to get home.
Gay was an artesian in her own way. She crocheted. She was never idle. She could not read the pattern directions but she would look at the picture and could duplicate the pattern precisely. I hate to throw away those pillow cases that have her beautifully crocheted edges. She crocheted the outfits for all our story book dolls She had a small porcelain high heel slipper that she used as a pattern to make crochet slippers from, then she would soak them in sugar water and let them dry stiff  on the form then carefully remove them from the porcelain piece and set them on her tables for decoration. I thought they were lovely. Of course she also made lots of doilies, bedspreads and tablecloths.

Table Cloth about 1960 by Etta Jane (Francis) Putnam

Table Cloth about 1960
by Etta Jane (Francis) Putnam


I was very lucky to have my grandmother in my life for so long. She died 3 March 1982 in Visalia, California and is buried in the Visalia Cemetery where so many of her family members are also buried.

Etta Jane (Francis) Putnam

Etta Jane (Francis) Putnam



52 Ancestors #16 Gertrude Eunice Putnam – Beautician

Gertrude Eunice Putnam

Gertrude Eunice Putnam – 1934


Aunt Babe to us but she started out with a very different name, Gertrude Eunice Putnam. Gertrude was born in Visalia, California to Etta Jane (Francis) and Ira Blossom Putnam on Feb. 20, 1914. I do not think anyone ever called her that, instead she was Babe, or Eunice, or her brother simply called her Sis.

Gertruded Eunice & Lloyd Putnam

Gertrude Eunice & Lloyd Putnam


Eunice, Aunt Lena and Lloyd Putnam about 1917

Eunice, Aunt Lena and Lloyd Putnam about 1917

Aunt Babe was my fathers sister. It was just the two of them growing up on a very dusty ranch outside of Visalia. They walked to school but it probably was less than 2 miles and there was no snow in Visalia, for sure fog but no snow. In these grade school pictures we see “Babe” with the blonde “rag curls” seated centered with her brother Lloyd on the ground (no shoes) just in front of her. This is just a segment of the School photo.


Oak Grove School  circa 1920 Visalia, CA

Oak Grove School
circa 1923
Visalia, CA

In the 1920 US census we see Gertrude E. (5)  born in California as were both her parents and her brother. Her father Ira B. is listed as a farmer.

Also in the family is William E. Bryant (22) listed as Ira B. Putnam’s nephew and listed as a Farm Laborer. William is the son of Grace Ellen (Putnam) Bryant half sister to Ira. The census also shows a boarder in the household a Mr. Taylor Archer (64) also a farm Laborer.

1920 US Census Visalia, Tulare Co., California

1920 US Census Visalia, Tulare Co., California

In the 1930 US census on this page we see Gertrude U. (16) attending school. Both she and her brother graduated from Visalia High School. Lloyd in 1932 and Eunice in 1934.

1930 US Census Visalia, Tulare Co. CAlifornia

1930 US Census, Visalia, Tulare Co., CAlifornia

In the summer of 1933 Eunice was sent to stay in Davis due to an influenza outbreak that had her parents concerned.

Eunice Putnam @ Dougherty Ranch Summer 1933 or 4

Eunice Putnam
@ Dougherty Ranch Summer about 1933

Upon graduation from high school Eunice’s parents sent her to beauty school in Fresno, California where she became licensed as a beautician. She returned to Visalia and worked all of her adult life in a local salon. She and Ralph Logan married in Carson City, Nevada in 1942 with Lloyd Putnam acting as best man . I do believe that Ralph was already married when they met and that Aunt Babe was the “other woman” Their marriage was a little rocky and they were married a second time in 1960. They never had children of their own but Ralph (and Paulette his first wife) had two boys, Robert and Norman.

Ralph Logan and Eunice

Ralph Logan and Eunice

Uncle Ralph and Aunt Babe spent many summers traveling to Alaska and working in the Fishing industry there. Aunt Babe worked in the cannery while Uncle Ralph spent his days out fishing. Without Children of their own and Ralph being married to the “other woman” they spent most holidays with our family. Aunt Babe liked to bring Christmas Eve Dinner for the family. It was always tamales from Estrada’s Spanish Kitchen. God, I loved those tamales.

Ralph Logan was a contractor and built their home out on the Putnam ranch, right along Hwy 99. They also built two rental apartments next door. I remember that in the 1970’s my grandmother (Etta Jane) was living in one of the apartments.

A couple of things about Aunt Babe. She did not like that Madeleine and I were doing Genealogy, she wanted the past left alone. The other thing was she would cry at the “drop of a hat” Happy tears, sad tears lots of tears.


Eunice Logan and Lloyd Putnam 1996

Eunice Logan and Lloyd Putnam 1996


After Uncle Ralph died (02 July 1994) Aunt Babe lived alone in her “Tin Can” (trailer house) in Visalia until her Alzheimer’s was such she could not live alone. After spending some time in a Senior Home my sister took her to live with her in Fort Bragg, California. Aunt Babe passed on 1 March 2002.


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